Servecast LIVE! w/ Dr. Terry Cross & Dr. Rickie Moore

March 29, 2019

"How should we define skepticism and cynicism?
"How do we know when we are becoming skeptical?
"What is the difference between criticism (being critical) and critical thinking?
"Are there indicators as to when we are becoming critical instead of practicing critical thinking?
" How do we know when we move from an atmosphere of critical thinking to the polarization of skepticism? (may cut this question)
"How do we develop this critical thinking idea without creating a mindset that we have to question everything?
"There is this theory - this hermeneutic of suspicion and doubt. Dr. Moore, you are very familiar with this, can you unpack this concept for us?
" How do we get past the reality that sometimes we create an atmosphere of skepticism for the sake of being skeptical? How do we prevent it?
"How do we reconcile the idea that although the messenger can make us skeptical, the message is still true and profound?
"What are some practical ways we can sift through our perception of the messenger in order to gain the benefit of the message?
"What does it mean to be a thought-provoking Christian in a cynical world?

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