Dr. Lamb and Christian invite the Director of Internal Affairs of the NCAA Division II for Lee Athletics, Jessica McIntyre, into Studio 22 to discuss her journey through cancer, women athletics, and the importance of being a witness for Christ on and off the field. Jessica emphasizes the importance of using your gifts as a natural connection with others wherever you are.

Phil Cook sits down with William and Christian in Studio 22 to discuss his journey at Lee University. Phil explores defining moments in his life that galvanized his role at Lee University as the Vice President of Enrollment and his 30 years of leadership.

Join Casey Cole in the studio as she tackles the word feminism. This topic has been a hot-button issue, both in the Church and outside of it, and has picked up a great deal of traction in recent years. Casey discusses women in leadership, how being a woman in pursuit of ministry has affected her own life, and the Church’s response empowered women. This episode is sure to leave you with a challenge.