August 18, 2018

Help people with what they want not need.

Before you say, “I do not agree with that statement,” let me explain what I mean. There is a difference between a need and a want. A need means that you give me this without a return. A want is something that some people wish they could have, but they cannot at this moment.

This past week, I have been working with a co-worker to help an individual establish a business. She has an incredible talent and can create anything by crocheting. She has a lot of potential to turn this into a business but she does not want that. She needs help getting the word out but doesn’t want the business side of the opportunity. We will have to cut her off now, but we will continue to help get the word out. That is all we will be able to do. I have learned to help people with where they want to go but do not go further than they’re willing to go.

I learned that helping people with needs demands more out of you than it requires from the individual. Some people expect you to help them meet their need, but that is not the point. I learned to work with people that want because people that want have set their mind on achieving a goal. Needy people will continue to need because they only have needs. People that want will do whatever it takes to work towards that goal.

How do you know the difference between individuals that need or want? People that need will only focus on what they do not have and focus solely on that need. People that want will ask for help because they want to achieve the impossible. Wanting people are dreamers. They dream to have what they do not have right now. Wanting people will always be future focused and use terms in the future. I am not talking about “name it and claim it” speech, but they have steps towards their wants and dreams. Focus on people that want a dream, not those that need one.

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