Resilience: Casey Cole

January 17, 2019

Casey Cole joins Dr. Lamb in Studio 22 to discuss the topic of resilience. Casey Cole takes on a journey of resilience. She shares a lot of personal stories about resilience and the process of what it truly means to be resilient. Follow the outline below as the episode plays.


" What is resilience?
" What does it mean to become tough without being hardened?
" Is resilience something that you are born with or something you can learn?
" Who are the resilient people in your life and why they are important in your life?
" What are some practical ways that you can start becoming resilient?
" Trust the process of resilience because if it is not hard then you are doing it wrong.
" We have to accept reality and not get out of the consequences because that is not what grace and mercy is about.
" Getting over consequences vs getting through consequences
" Learn to weather the storm because the clouds will run out of rain
" Joy vs. Happiness
" Peace vs. Pleasure

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